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A dodgy orchestra begins with the concert, but suddenly... the singer does not show up! What's up? What happened to him? The situation requires an inmediate solution, the show needs to go on, the uncertainty appropriates the moment. But attention to the revolution that is about to happen: surprises, juggling, dancing, participation of the public, humor and lots of music. The Show goes on! A new star has been born. Be Different, a unique and unrepeatable proposal where we realize that difference one of the greatest human virtues is. Be yourself, be different.



Show from the Always Drinking Marching Band


Directed and writed - Martí Torras Mayneris


Clown - Mickey de los Reyes " Pitu"

Keyboard and trombon - Roger Giménez

Trompet - Jaume Esteve


 Sound technicial- Arnau Parrado


Costume designer - Carme Puigdevall i Plantés


Scenography and atrezzo - Alain Vigneau, Eloi Romanyà, “Pepita” Artesania Dorada


Music by Always Drinking Marching Band


Producer- Carles Arqué


ACAC Productions


La different orquestra_v6-cast.jpg
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